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Facial Basics

A Customized Facial for Your Unique Skin


$95, 60 minutes

This intensive pore cleansing facial is the professional's choice for a first time facial experience. This treatment is truly corrective as it allows congested skin to be thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated and renewed.  Pore size is minimized, underlying impurities are removed and skin is rebalanced... a customized facial for ALL SKIN TYPES!  Followed with a quick and natural-looking mineral makeup application.

Clear Complexion


$75, 30 minutes

This specialized formulation can "resurface" the outer layers of your skin. The appropriate AHA/BHA peel is applied to the skin, followed by appropriate rebalancing mask.  After a quick dusting of mineral makeup, you have smooth, clean skin in 1/2 the time!


$125, 75 minutes

Our most popular facial.  A step above the basic spa facial, the Signature Facial includes state-of-the-art Derm Renewal anti-aging AHA/BHA peel along with the deep pore cleansing facial.  We put some pep in your step by including our "Lose the Luggage" de-puffing and brightening eye treatment for that extra bang!

**15% Gratuity Added to all Spa Services at time of Purchase

Specialty Masks and Boosters


Target Expression Lines/Wrinkles



The Better-Than-Botox Alternative

4-Layer Specialty Mask

$75 add on

A non-invasive anti-aging procedure. This intensive treatment targets superficial and deep wrinkles!  The combination of strong anti-aging actives (such as Retinol) with 5 peptides, produce a Botox®-like action that relaxes and reduces expression lines and wrinkles.  Botinol® is a new technology from marine sources that rejuvenates, revitalizes, re-densifies and energizes the skin. The addition of potent antioxidants - alpha-lipoic acid and soy isoflavone - strengthens the dermis and inhibits the breakdown of the cellular matrix (collagen/elastin).


View our gallery of Before & After images of our Botinol Natural Face Lift !

What is a Botinol Natural Face Lift?


Recapture the Look of Youth



4-Layer Specialty Mask

$75 add on

A highly advanced clinical treatment formulated to hydrate and restructure the skin and collagen/elastin layers, providing an unequalled reduction of the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

*Add on Collagen Eye Treatment to any facial for $50*


Instant Radiance and Soothing



$40 add on

This cooling, calming and soothing masking treatment hydrates, decongests and rebalances all skin types....even the stubbornly sensitive!  Tried and true, proven to reduce rosacea inflammation, heat and eruptions by 50% after each treatment.


Focus on Eyes



$40 add on

This warming and deeply moisturizing thermo-corrective treatment increases the absorption of rebalancing serums and preparations and promotes better skin oxygenation. Highly effective at improving exzema, psoriasis, and dry/alipidic skin types.

*Add on Eyelid Relaxing Treatment to any facial for $25*



Brighten and Tighten

SEA-C SPA MASK with Facial Toning

$205, 75 minutes

$55 add on to any facial treatment

This reactivating treatment is designed to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis, replicating elastin and protecting against free radicals.  Active Vitamin C improves skin discolorations/sun damage and uneven skin tone while toning and hydrating the skin.


Intensive Moisturizing and Lifting


HYDROLIFTING MASK with Facial Toning

$205, 75 minutes

$55 add on to any facial treatment

Anti-aging five-phase treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, restore, lift and firm.  Suitable for even the most sensitive and oily skin types!