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What is Permanent Cosmetic Make-up?
This procedure has been called microdermal pigmentation, tattooing, permanent cosmetic make-up, dermagraphics, intradermal implantation and dermapigmentation.  Permanent Cosmetic Make-Up can be divided into two categories. 

1) Permanent Cosmetics:  Includes eyeliner, lash enhancement, eyebrow hair stimulation, blush, eye-shadow, lipliner and full lip shading.

2) Corrective Pigment Camouflage:   This procedure is especially effective in the repigmentation of skin lightened from scarring due to illness, injury, birthmarks, surgical scars, disfigurement in burn survivors and cancer patients.

Some patients request a lash enhancement to balance out asymmetrical eyes.  When lashes are non-existent, a subtle eyeliner may be applied to create a resemblance of definition.  People who need to wear corrective make-up or who have physical impairments preventing them from applying make-up also benefit from these procedures.

Topical anesthetic agents are available for your comfort.  Prior to the application, an initial consultation and test patch will be performed.  Expectations of the desired procedure will be discussed and the cost of your individual application will be determined.

Fees may range from $300.00 to $1500.00 per procedure application.  Never choose a technician on price alone!


Q:  Who benefits the most from permanent cosmetic make-up?
A:  People that:

  • Have poor eyesight and unsteady hands.
  • Are physically challenged.
  • Have thin or sparse eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Have traditional make-up allergies.
  • Have permanent hair loss.
  • Have oily skin.
  • Burn survivors.
  • Have Vitiligo, Alopecia, Cancer, Hyper- & Hypo-Pigmentation.
  • Have asymmetrical facial features.
  • The everyday, busy person who wants to look their best.
  • Women who travel, swim or camp.
  • Have had surgical procedures. (Scars can be camouflaged).
  • Need to create the illusion of areolas and nipples after breast cancer and reconstructive surgery.
  • Men may want permanent color to give the look of fuller eyebrows, to mask the effects of hair loss or to camouflage scars.

Q:  How long does each procedure application take?
A:  Application time varies from client to client.  Your application should not take more than 45-60 minutes once the actual guidelines have been drawn on.  The exception to this would be full lip color, 'Corrective Pigment Camouflage' and 'Areola Repigmentation'.

Q:  When should I return for a follow-up appointment?
A:  The number of procedures you will need will be determined by your technician at your initial consultation/test patch and factored into your "Procedure Plan" or contract.  Your retouch or follow-up appointment must be scheduled approximately 4 to 6 weeks from your initial procedure.  Any subsequent appointments factored into your "Procedure Plan" should be scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.  If more work is done prior to this time frame, the skin may not be properly healed and may result in unnecessary pain/discomfort and will negetively effect the final result of the look of your permanent makeup.  If you fail to return for your contracted follow up appointments in the 4-6 weeks recommended, this may result in forfeiting work under contract and more importantly will result in the permanent cosmetics not taking properly into the skin.  This will only result in additional charges for your technician to correct the incomplete work.

       All permanent work is subject to a certain amount of fading over time.  To keep your permanent cosmetics looking natural and crisp, a Color Boost is recommended every 1-3 years.  The cost of a Color Boost is $150 per area.  If you fail to maintain your permanent cosmetics over the years, this may result in significant fading that will require additional charges to correct.

Q:  Can you explain about color application results?
A:  Pigment needs to have a liquid vehicle in order for it to penetrate into the skin. After every application the pigment will revert back to its original state, which is dry. Only then will you have accurate final color results.  All permanent cosmetic and corrective pigment camouflage procedures are combinations of the pigment color plus your skin undertones. This combination will equal your final color result.  This is why we give a good 4-6 weeks of healing time between each application before adding more color.  This way we can give you the most accurate and natural-looking color application.

Q:  Are Permanent Cosmetics tatoos?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Will the sun fade my permanent cosmetic make-up?
A:  Yes, over a period of time the sun will oxidize/fade ANY tatoo!  Permanent Cosmetics will fade faster than a traditional tatoo due to the fact that it is applied in a way that is not meant to look harsh like a body tatoo....permanent cosmetics are suppose to look NATURAL, and therefore, must be properly cared for.  All clients should use a waterproof sun protector daily for maximum color retention.  Color oxidation also applies to cars, carpets, furniture and color that you put in your hair!

Q:  What is wrong with tanning beds in relationship to facial or body tattooing?
A:  Tanning beds will fade the facial and body tattooing just as the sun does if the client does not use a total sun protector that is water resistant while sunbathing.  Clients should also cover their faces with a thick towel while they are sunbathing or lying in a tanning bed.

Q:  Can I have eyeliner, lipliner and brows applied on the same day?
A:  Most clients can receive all three procedures at the same appointment time. However, if the skin starts to exhibit excess swelling after the second procedure you should consider postponing the last procedure for a few days, or, until your touch-up appointment so that you can get the best possible results.

Q:  Why should I take 'Benadryl' before my permanent cosmetic make-up procedure?
A:  Benadryl is an antihistamine that reduces the amount of swelling you will experience.  Less swelling=less discomfort, pain and shorter healing time.  It also dries up the sinus passagesand tear ducts, which makes permanent eyeliner much easier to apply.

Q:  Can you camouflage my stretch marks?
A:  We do not re-pigment stretch marks.  We suggest that client's with concerns over stretch marks make an appointment with us for MicroDermabrasion.

Q:  What can you do for the client who has little or no brow hair? Can they achieve a natural looking eyebrow?
A:  You are our favorite type of client to work on!  Combining the application of "hair stroke" patterns and natural eyebrow shading, we can create that perfect 3-Dimensional brow for you.

Q:  What is the best way to shape a brow?
A:  For a perfect brow, we follow the clients own brow hair as much as possible. We can wax or tweeze the brows prior to application to create a symmetrical brow shape.

Q:  Can the technician match my lip pencil or lipstick for my lip color application?
A:  Yes.  Make sure to bring in your favorite cosmetics with you to your initial consultation and test patch appointment.  Remember that final color results can only be realized when all applications have been performed and have fully healed.

Q:  What is a lash enhancement? Is it for men or women?
A:  A lash enhancement is a subtle application of pigment amongst your already existing eyelashes.  This is best achieved by utilizing a one-prong needle and a complimentary color in the lash line.  The color is applied to every second or third lash and is implanted directly into the lash line to create the look of thicker lashes as opposed to actual eyeliner... a great option for anyone, male or female, that would like to have a more defined eye.

The following statements are completely FALSE...

"Using ice water during the procedure closes the pores, and since that is where the pigment is placed you shouldn't use it."

"All iron oxide pigments are absorbed into the skin and that is why people who are anemic can't have tattoos or permanent cosmetic make-up."

"You cannot tattoo outside of the lip vermilion. If you were ever involved in a car accident or were hit in the face with a baseball the healed pigment would splatter all over your face."

"If you have permanent cosmetic make-up or a tattoo, you cannot receive an MRI."

"If you tattoo outside the lip vermilion your smoker's lines won't show and when you wear regular make-up your lipstick won't bleed into fine lines."

"You must shave off all of your eyebrow hair prior to application."



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