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Permanent Cosmetics

For the busy person who has little time for preparations and for those who want the security of looking presentable 24 hours a day.
After this procedure you will always look as though you are wearing light make-up.
Can you imagine.Great looks all the time even if you are allergic to cosmetics, wear contact lenses, enjoy athletic activities, or only have limited vision or dexterity. You owe it to yourself to see just how great you can look.
Enhance your natural beauty or repair nature's mistakes.


$100, 60 minutes

All permanent cosmetic procedures require an initial consultation and test patch.  $100 is applied to the final work schedules within 30 days of consultation and test patch.

Call (503) 665-0245 for More Information and to schedule an appointment.

$150 per area

For scars, pre-existing tattoos, bare areas from hair transplants, beauty marks and color boosts on pre-existing permanent cosmetics.


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Permanent Cosmetics



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$350 - $500

For eyebrows that are not quite perfect in color, shape or completely non-existent, color can be added to create a fuller appearance shaped to your liking. Select from a wide range of shades. Any color or style is possible and completely natural looking. Bare eyebrows require a full shading session, and an application of tiny individual hairstrokes. Voila! Natural brows everyone will think you were born with. Just Big, naturally defined eyes 24 hours a day!


$350 - $600

A fine, natural permanent line is created to follow the lash line. The eyeliner is applied lightly to enhance lashes, heavily to create an actual line and duplicate any style. Color and thickness is individualized and make-up can be applied over liner for a more dramatic effect. No more smearing, fading, or eye irritation... just naturally defined eyes 24 hours a day!


Lip Lining $450 - $500/Full Lip Color $600- $750

Usually follows the contour of the lip. The color used determines whether your lips appear lined or naturally full. If your lip liner has been applied to create a line, your lips will appear finished whether or not you are wearing lipstick. Recommended for not-so-perfect shaped lips, lips that bleed with lipstick, and lips lacking natural rosy pigment. Thin or crooked lips can be enhanced with a color exactly matched to the natural lip color. Several application sessions are required for Full Lip Color and Corrective Lip Lining procedures. Your new full, gorgeous lips won't bleed, kiss off or leave lipstick trails. Add gloss and go!


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