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Check out the AMAZING results our clients are getting after

ONE TREATMENT of our new

Botinol Natural Face Lift



The 'Botinol Natural Face Lift' firms and tones the skin and contours of the face with Micro Current Technology.  The Light Wave IPL therapy and Microdermabrasion rejuvenate and completely resurface and retexturize the skin, while the masking treatment redensifies, plumps, repairs and hydrates the skin......

The result:  YEARS off your face!



Fantastic at reducing the depth and length of those expression lines!




Get the Botox-Like effect on your ENTIRE FACE, INCLUDING THE EYES, without the injections and discomfort....

and for a fraction of the cost!!!


Looking for an alternative to drawing on your makeup every morning?  Permanent Cosmetics are a wonderful way to wake up every morning to eyebrows, eyeliner and lips you love!



           Before                                  After 3 Applications


        Before                              After Third App.


           Before                             After First App.                        After Second App.

It is important to know the steps of how natural looking permanent cosmetics are applied into the skin.  It is a process that must be strictly followed in order to achieve the natural-looking, long-lasting permanent makeup you want!  First, there is a consultation and test patch performed in order to determine the cost and approximate amount of application it will take to create the look of makeup you are desiring.  Once the applications of color have been timelined and contracted, the initial application can be performed!

    The first application will look dark and dramatic in comparison to the way the work will look when it has healed (this is illustrated in the picture below).  It is important that you follow the proper home care that your technician recommends.  It is normal to experience a great amount of peeling in the area of application.  During the week following your initial visit, it may even seem like the color has completely sluffed off!  Don't be scared, the pigment will resurface over the course of the next few weeks.  It is MOST important that you make the time to schedule your follow up appointment for 4 to 6 weeks after your initial application.


In this "before", the client has drawn on her eyebrows with a pencil to give the technician an idea of what she wants.  This "after" was taken immediately following the first application of permanent cosmetic work.  The pigment looks dark and the shape thick, but in 24-48 hours the swelling/inflammation subsides and the color softens.

    If your technician has determined that a second application is necessary, it is important to do so within 4 to 6 weeks of your initial application.  This will ensure that the color will be locked in and minor adjustments can be made to perfect your permanent cosmetic application.  Failure to make your follow up appointments may result in forfeiting work under contract, and more importantly will result in the incomplete work not taking properly into the skin.  This will only result in additional charges for your technician to correct the incomplete work.

     As you can see from the following picture, the dramatic look of the initial application fades out to a very natural look.  The purpose of the second application is to lock in the color, add more color and/or perfect the work done on the first visit.



     The second application requires much less ingraving of color into the skin and therefore usually will not appear as dark as the first application and normally takes less time to heal than the first time around.  Within 3 weeks of the second visit, this client came in for one last touchup to perfect the hairstrokes and make the final minor adjustments to the color/shape of her brows.


Before                                                                  After

     The brows now look natural, with a balance of permanent shading and individual hair strokes.  As you can see, the third application was minimal and will have very little healing time.  This client has truly achieved natural-looking brows that will fade to a natural color (not purple, blue or green!!!)  Each client's maintenance program will vary.  On average, a color boost once every 1-3 years is needed to keep work looking fresh and crisp, but natural at the same time!

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