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The Most Innovative Products from

as featured in the following:

Bota Peptide 5 Concentrate (more info)

- Great for All Skin Types

- State-of-the-Art Peptide Technology

- Produces a Botox-like action on the   


- Plumps up and repairs the Fine Lines, 


- Relaxes Expression Lines

Price:  $142/1.4 fl. oz.

Retinol Advanced + Matrixyl + Q10 (more info)

- Great for All Skin Types

- Time-released Bi-Retinol to ensure

  optimal wrinkle/line reduction with

  no irritation

- Evens out skin tone, reduces pore

  size and firms/tightens the skin


Price:  $84/1.4 fl. oz.

Bota-Peptide Eye

Contour Cream  

(more info)

- All Skin Types

- 4-in1 Formulation for: 


        Expression Lines

        Dark Circles



Price:  $79/.7 fl. oz.

Lip Plumping Complex

(more info)
- The Perfect Alternative to Lip   


- Plumps up the volume & re-densifies

  lip tissue to plump out and reduce

  the depth of wrinkles/lines in and

  around the lip

- Smoothes, softens and improves the

  lip condition

Price:  $30/.26 fl. oz.

Great Gifts for all Occasions!

Free Red Rock Mud Therapy for Hands and Feet and Tranquility Chair Massage with all

Spa Retreat Gift Packages ($75 value)

Rock & Wrap

Hot Stone Massage and Aromatherapy Body Wrap




(Regularly $215)


Allow Two Hours



Skin and Scar Renewal



FREE Clinical Care Booster

($25 value)


Allow One Hour



Our Signature Spa Facial 



Free Eyelid Treatment ($25 value)

Limit One Per Customer

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